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  1. Should we bother to upgrade?

    What do people think about OS for their trading box?
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    Most trading applications are still built around the XP platform and bugs worked out over time. While Windows 7 seems to be very appealing, its yet to be extensively tested. I will rather stay with a time tested OS than jump onto a new OS.
  3. Totally agree.
    I have been told by people using it that it is pretty good, but I guess saying that it is better than Vista isn’t saying much. Personally I plan to wait for a few months after the official release to see what problems pop up, which would put it early 2010.
  4. XP is going to be viable and supported at least until 2014. If your rig is working properly now, no sense nor benefit to changing... to Vista or W7.
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    Rather than upgrade the OS, I will go for upgrading the hardware ( faster CPU, Video card,etc) & network bandwidth as that will be far more beneficial.
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    Give it 6 mo. to a year. It takes that long for developers to write bug free drivers for your old apps. Wait and see if people find problems like they did with Vista.
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    i used to use xp and then switched to vista in november of 08. it takes awhile for all the bugs to be worked out of an OS. vista works great for me now i would recommend vista till 7 is out for at least a year or so.
  8. I only have one problem with Vista. If I put my computer on sleep and then bring it back up, it will crash and I have to restart it from scratch. Does anyone else have that problem?
  9. Thanks for the replies - sound quite sensible.

    New PCs will probably roll out with Windows 7, and my hardware replacement cycle is coming up.

    Does anyone trade from an Ubuntu platform?
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