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    Anyone have any opinions on this platform or tried the beta versions?

    Vista was a huge flop, especially in the corporate environment and now the pressure is on to deliver something worth while. + Apple is eating market share.

    I don't know many people using Vista personally, most use XP still.

    Anyone plan on using this right off the bat or waiting a couple of months before implementing/trading on it?

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  2. Seriously? I love vista! I mean with XP after time I always got lag from programs that would end up running on my computer without my permission. I love vista because it always asks me before it runs something. Some times I will just be surfing the net and i will get a message that some program wants to run and asks permission. I say no and it goes away. With XP, that program would've run no matter what. I get like no adware with vista and xp I got 100s of adware all the time and was next to impossible to get rid of.

    I've had vista for about 18 months or so now and never had 1 problem. With XP, i had constant problems. Also with vista, you can switch to XP, win 98, win 95, you can run some of those older programs that dont run on xp. Anyone that doesnt like Vista, never gave it half a chance.
  3. help me please :(
  4. Yeah I agree that's one of the features that I liked when I first used Vista. I don't really mind it as an operating system, personally. But I can see how some people have a hard time switching over, up to a certain standpoint.

    Just something interesting I found:

    "ITIC and Sunbelt Software surveyed 700 senior executives and found only 10% had deployed Vista in their organizations. Windows XP remained the primary desktop PC operating system for 88% of the respondents. Meanwhile, 77% reported some use of Macs, and 50% said they plan to permit wider use of Apple products, including the iPhone."
  5. I use Vista too and its great.
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  7. I use Linux and Java. Microsoft and C# are pc shit, after bill left, Microsoft went downhill.

    Whoever post saying Windows is great should check his brains for tumors first.
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    Why is windows and intel the financial industry standard?

    PS: Vista works fine , yes there is some bloat. Traders go with "what IS" and wintel is simply that. Agree, XP PRO has less bloat. The industry standard tells me what to install. Just like daytrading, the screens tell us the truth and either we believe what we see or fall on our own swords. Myself, i do not like the sight of blood..............especially my own.
  9. Do you mean that to be rhetorical, or are you looking for an explanation?
  10. Are you a newbie, aren't you? All serious financial players are using UNIX on their back bones. Period. no but, no if.
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