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  1. Running Windows 7 64 bit. So far pretty good and only a few nags with IE muttering about that the last session was not closed properly.

    OK, today I came across something that has me baffled: Normally I use two monitors. Today I had to go somewhere else and started up a program that normally sits on the second monitor which was not connected at this time.

    In the past with XP one could click on the icon in the taskbar and select "move" and drag it back on the screen but not so in Windows 7. No way I could get the software to display on the desktop....

    Is there some trick to get it back on the main screen when it has last been used on the second monitor?

    Many thanks in advance
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    Go to Graphics Properties & under Operating Mode select Single Display. That should bring all "lost" windows back to the main display. HTH :)
  3. Or right click on it on the task bar and select "move" then use the arrow keys to recover it.
  4. That ain't no longer working in Windows 7. :mad:

  5. Thanks for the suggestion which will work if your second display is still connected but switched off. However if you switch the computer off and then disconnect the display before rebooting the computer then this ain't working either.

    Am attaching a picture of the menu which comes up when you right click on the icon on the taskbar (rather than the old one that has "move" etc on it under XP).

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    It's now a two step process in stead of a one step process.

    First left click on the icon in the task bar, and a little box pops up. Mouse up and right-click on the program/window name, and choose 'Move'
  7. I only see "Open", "run as administrator", "pin to taskbar" and "properties" when I do this.

  8. Finally got the solution: Use the windows key and then use the left or right arrow keys and it jumps to the primary display when the second display is off or disconnected.

    Thanks to all for their inputs,

  9. Sometimes you can find a "don't allow to open offscreen" button.

    I have never used Win7 so I don't know if it's in there or not.

    I have similar situation using nView multi-monitors. One program in particular used to drive me crazy until I figured that one out.
  10. You do this (right click) not on the taskbar icon, but the small window that appears ABOVE it after a few seconds. Took me a few minutes to figure it out too.

    You discovered the keyboard solution. There are tons of hotkeys in Win 7.
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