Windows 7 for FREE as of May 5th

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    Xp pro still rules and i see no reason to upgarde to 7 but if you have an older box in the closet or basement collecting dust you can toy with win 7 for free as release canidate1.

    I see nothing in 7 to get me to switch but the reviews have been decent. Microsoft seems to have FINALLY got the message after VISTA took a huge corporate dump that all business users do not want all the crap preinstalled in every copy of windows. Crap like movie maker, messenger, mail, how to get laid with and by microsoft, etc, etc will no longer be preinstalled. You can download the "kids" stuff seperate.
  2. Wouldn't you also need mobo device drivers to try W7??
  3. No, why? Load it like any other new OS. Actually WIN7 has been a lot more device driver friendly than just about anything that MSFT has come up with. I've been running the beta release of WIN7 for quite awhile now and have had zero problems with device driver issues (and that's the 64 bit version, which is saying something).
  4. Windows 7 has turned out to be Vista Release 2. Its easy to install and works well. The 32 bit is easier than x64 because the 64bit driver signing rules still create issues ... plus there are flash issues with 64bit browsers.

    Its a nice OS with good feel and more responsiveness than Vista. I think most Vista users will move to it if its cheap and quite a few XP users will go too.

    Personally there are still some things I like about my xp setup that will keep me with xp for a while to come.
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    Windows 7 has not turned out to be Vista Release 2, it is a wonderful operating system and for many professional traders it will change the way they work. Consider this:

    * Boot and shutdown times extremely fast
    * Low memory footprint
    * Arguably faster than both XP and Vista

    But here is the thing that matters for me:

    Using Windows 7, I can REMOTE UP TO 10 TRADING SCREENS from my office to my home seemlessly.
    I simply VPN to my office, and all my trading screens are able to run locally. I can either remote the whole desktop or chose applications to remote. Sound is remoted perfectly, bandwidth usage is low and if I wanted I could even play a Direct-X game remotely.
    Its available for public download tomorrow and the Release Candidate is functional for a whole year.

    Windows 7 is a remote trader's dream come true.
  6. Well, when doing a fresh XP install, I need to load the XP chipset, NIC and audio drivers. I wouldn't have those for W7.

    Hmmm... just checked Dell's drivers... As the drivers for Vista and XP were listed separately, I'd presumed they were different. However, both have the same file name... so looks like it might not make any difference... should work for W7 as well.
  7. Well.

    1. You would hope that Vista 2.0 would actually boot faster than Vista 1.0 given bill made such a big thing about it.

    2. Low memory footprint, cough cough cough ... more disk space than xp, more memory used than xp, less brain required???

    3. Arguably, not particularly. So far it has been faster in most things and slightly slower in others. Overall though I'd give it faster (and its about time).

    4. Back to the 2.0 ... check the NT sequence of 7 from Vista. And if you still doubt it you will note that none of the work on a new Core is being released in 7; its basically the Vista core, fixed.

    The OS has improved from Vista 1.0 as one would hope. And I'm glad that you'll enjoy the remote trading interface - others are complaining that features in the pre 7100 betas have now been removed. Hopefully they'll get into Vista 2.0 sp2.

    Don't get me wrong. I've run a few of the betas and like them but I can do things currently with XP that will be difficult with W7 until the application software catches up.

    Also, the thread title "FREE" is misleading. W7 FREE will expire just like the betas released so far although a year is quite a good trial period.
  8. Does anyone have the link for the download?

    Also how tough is it install this on a pc, are there any hardware minimum requirements?

    Thanks in Advance
  9. Ummm, on my calendar it isn't May 5 yet...

    "The Windows 7 RC will be available May 5, and you'll be able to download it from this site through July."
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