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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by kiwi_trader, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Its Saturday and I'm bored.

    I tried Linux but compatibility with all my stuff was too much of a problem so here I am with Windows 7 beta 1 x64.

    The early user community seems positive about it ... much more positive than for any of the Vista releases currently available. Maybe W7 is XP to Vista's Millenium?

    Java 1.6.0_12ea 32bit and 64bit.

    TWS 890. Sierra Chart. Firefox x64.

    Ran up well this morning looks good. Any one else experimenting?
  2. wkoop


    Yep...running x64 with Multicharts. I love it. I haven't had really any issues and the performance is solid.
  3. is it free. where did you download?
  4. dloomis514

    dloomis514 Guest

    you can get it from the windows 7 site at microsoft, just google it
  5. jmmcox


    I hope Microsoft has fixed up the download issues from earlier this week. When I downloaded a copy from Microsoft's server, it was very congested.

    I am running Win 7 inside VMware. So far much better experience than Vista.
  6. Can you guys give a list of reasons why it's better? I keep hearing that it is better, but no one really gives details. Is it faster than Vista? Is the interface any different, if so, list some of the features. Is it less of a resource hog than Vista, or the same?
  7. I never used Vista but why did it turn out to be such a POS that they are quickly jumping to 7?

    What is it about Vista that sucks so bad?
  8. compatibility with older products. i have been using it over a year now. it works ok but no better than xp. video cards are a pain for multi monitor.
  9. it's vista sp2, that reflects the reviews i've read. outwardly, the biggest change appears to be the marketing strategy. i also happen to like vista just fine.
  10. Tums


    the secret is out...
    and it is ugly!

    Windows7 is actually Vista 1.1

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