Windows 7 and Trading Software Review

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by EpiphanyTrading, May 10, 2009.

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    I am a professional trader who continues to seek the best hardware. I have always used 2 screens, then 4. I am back to two because the video cards cant handle all the data. However, I do have multiple computers.

    I am wondering A. Does Windows 7 solve this? B. Which trading platforms have you used with Windows 7.

    Brendan P. Byrne
  2. Where did you ever get THAT notion?

    You probably process only about 4G of real-time data per month. Even a low-end video card can handle that much in a SECOND.
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  5. Yep Scataphagos, pretty much nailed it. There are workstation class video cards from nvidia & ati that can support multiple monitors. They usually run from 400 to 1k. On the OS side there is nothing win7 can do that XP can't. Win7 is actually an R2 (2nd release) of Vista. Basically what Vista should have been when it came out. If an app works with Vista it should not have any issues on Win7. I have been on the win7 betas and it looks to be the real deal. I'm an IT guy/trader wannabe so take it for what it's worth
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    I am the exact opposite. I am a successful trader. I love the tech stuff. I would be more than happy to help you with trading. My partner, Erik Kolodny, is one of the most consistent traders I have ever seen. He has taught me to be profitable 18 out of 20 days a month.

    What can you build of $1000. My office in Red Bank, NJ needs more computers. My partner Frank Delaney tells me that he needs a minimum of 5 new computers with heavy specs. Would you be interested?

    Brendan P. Byrne
  7. There is more than one class of workstation video card. The Nvidia Quadro FX line can run into the thousands and are used in 3-D, CAD.

    The Nvidia Quadro NVS line is designed for financial-type applications... they run about $150 retail... $30-80, on eBay if you're patient and buy right.
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    I wouldn't even consider using Windows 7 until it has been out for a year and all the bugs and new drivers have been worked out.

    XP runs most apps just fine. Stay away from Vista if you can.
  9. i think even gnome said somthing simililar to this and all i kept thinking is "huh"

    im not sure were u get this stuff but i used quottracker, and scottrade market movers and they all use cpu. 20-50 percent of my quad cpu all the time.

    i don't think this is an exception maybe if u use just ur main plateform and barely any charts and im sure it still using some amount of cpu.

    cpu is used to process incoming data and ram is used basically as a temp storage area.

    by the way op what kind of computer u running and what kind of video cards.

    i use windows 7 with ib and it's going just fine.

    just remembered that name. ive seen u guys on u tube.
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    I think he meant to say the apps run out of RAM memory once they load instead of off the hard drive. But, that is the case with most apps. just saving data, settings or loading newly used features requires hard drive access.

    CPU is always working if an app is doing anything, even receiving data.
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