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  1. HELP please

    My charting software emits a single beep each time prices move 1 tick, this beep is emitted out of the internal speaker attached to the Mobo NOT the "sound system speakers." I do hear this speaker beep when I boot up the computer (bios read). And inside Windows/Device Manager, Windows says, "this device is working properly."

    My "sound system" works fine.

    This is the only program I have that utilizes the internal speaker so trouble shooting this issue has been a task. I found some information on this issue posted on the web, and learned that some programs (like Skype) allow the user to set the "ring in" to be emitted thru the internal speaker, So (for instance) if the "sound system" was being used for gaming or playing music the "call" wouldn't be missed.

    I was wondering if anyone has come across issues with the BEEP.SYS driver and most importantly what procedures they may have followed to resolve their issues.

    FYI, I'm running Windows 7 pro (64)

    Here's an interesting thread I came across in my journey
  2. My obsession with the little beep in my Ensign Software has come to an end. :mad:

    This is the email I received from Ensign diminishing all hope. :(



    I am sorry you did not get the appropriate answer sooner. I have trained my staff on this matter in the past, but perhaps they forget the details of the answer.
    The Beep feature in Ensign Windows was based on a Windows API call to a sound function where we could pass the frequency parameter and a duration parameter.
    This would play the sound through the little speaker. Starting with Windows platforms around Windows XP and later, ie Windows 7, the API function was removed and no longer available. The article you sent in your other email documents that change in the Window operating systems quite well. Thus the functionality going away is a result of the operating system and not a result of any change in Ensign Windows. I have looked hard in the past for a work around and not found one.

    Thus, I am sorry to say, the Beep feature will not be available in the newer operating systems. Yes there is a Windows Beep, but not the sound API call where we could play a frequency for a duration. Since this is due to operating system changes, we are choosing to eliminate offering the Beep check box on the chart property forms in the redesigned Ensign program called Ensign 10. This will keep users from having the hint of a feature that is most likely unavailable because most users will be on newer operating systems as time passes.

    Sincerely, Howard Arrington
    Ensign Software, Inc.

    I had hoped that one of my other programs (Ninjatrader, IB's TWS or DTN Iq ) had a similar "beep on each tick" setting, but no such luck. :eek:
  3. Interesting. But if they really want the users to keep having such an audio feature in their software, I am sure they can find ways to make a sound on the PC with the newer system calls.
  4. duh? why would anyone use the ancient built in speaker for anything?

    is this an early april fools posting?