WINDOWS 2000 vs. XP

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by larrybf, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. I have religiously kept with windows 2000 for trading. I love its stability.... FOR those of you traders who have switched from win2k to winxp or another platform..... am i missing out on anything??? thanks
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    larrybf, the short answer is no you're not missing anything. BTW, this question has been raised and discussed innumerable times, suggest you either do a search or simply go back thru past threads in the Software forum.
  3. WinXP Pro is no different from 2K, except it uses kiddy graphics.
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    Depends, but the short answer is no.

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    Hi, larrybf
    Here's a link to a thread titled, "XP of Win 2000 which is best?" with 50 posts
    I switched from Win98 to WinXP Pro after much consideration about going to Win2k and quite frankly I have had issues with XP Pro such as javascript issues when using Netscape and having to do with MSFT's virtual machine. I hate MSFT and I'm sorry we're basically forced to use their inferior OS. But that's the way things have unfolded to this point at least. The Java issue I think has been corrected a bit now as MSFT is now able to offer Sun's RunTime Environment while their court battles are resolved. Perhaps others here have more details on all this.
    Anyway I've considered switching to Win2k but we'll see. Just some thoughts. Read the posts in the other thread and check out the links offered. Good luck.
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    I have no idea whether this is true or not but my ISP system administrator told me last week that XP has some terrible security flaws and that 2000 and even 98 are superior in that regard.

    I'm using 2K Pro and very happy with it.
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  9. i switched from 2000 to XP and now prefer XP, the stabiltiy is slightly better but not significantly from 2000, but i like other features of XP...
    my best advice is if you are happy w/ 2000 i would stick with it, or aouldnt be in a hurry to change over, its not THAT much better to warrant a change.
    if it aint broke dont fix it
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    TGREGG: That's what I suspected also !
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