Windows 2000 Upgrade

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Predictor, Jun 19, 2001.

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    Are you sure you don't have an AGP slot? I'd say just about all PC's shipped since 2nd half of 1998 have AGP.

    Anyway. With two PCI graphics controllers vs one dual PCI controller, I'd suspect that you'd see slightly better performance using two cards. The only time you'd see much of a degradation using two cards, is when a window is moved from one monitor to the other (forcing a PCI data copy). That's probably outweighed by having the hardware rendering running in parallel.

    You'll also have two cards arbiting frequently for the PCI bus, which is a relative expensive operation.

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    I also use a matrox millenium dual-head(G450) with win2000 but I use a seperate resolution for each monitor.
    *Display properties
    *multi-display settings

    Maybe we have a different model#?
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    Thank you for the pointer. I was running the latest WHQL drivers, which do not support true dual head. The latest beta drivers do. I'm finally able to run my LCD in digital mode, since it doesn't have to match my 21" sony.

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  4. Macal!! Thank you, I need to get a PCI card not an AGP, and I think that has a lot of limitations, I found a matrox millenium g450, any experience with that? It's just over $100. So no big deal. I apreciate all the posts with great comments and ideas. They are all real helpful. ALso one more concern is if all the open windows I will have will be saved on both monitors not on just one monitor, and I will have to daily move the windows to the right positions.

    Thanks again, so much.
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  5. Macal. Hi. I upgraded one of my computers for win 2000, so I could get the dual card. SO hoping there won't be any problems. I never used ebay, how reliable are they? And could you give me a link?

    Thanks so much, really appreciate it!
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  6. Thank you Macal. I'm going to try it right now.
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    Oops! I just realized that Elite is a seller of Appian products. I apologize for my recent couple of replies to Predictor and have removed my posts.
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  8. Macal, it's already bid in the $90's. I can get a brand new card for $100. SO it's really not worth it. Thank you so much.
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    Please email me if you have any questions.
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  10. jperl


    For those of you interested in multi-monitor displays-there is a web site devoted to this topic with a database of known configurations that work or don't work. Check it out.

    I use a three monitor system for daytrading with three separate video cards under Win2K. Works fine.
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