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  1. Please help!!!! I'm upgrading a computer from Win NT to Win 2000. Computer gets stuck on the part where the install program is installing components, particularly it says
    " Status: Completing configuration of COM + ..." and it doesn't go anywhere from here. What should I do, is Win NT still recoverable?

    THank you!
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    Window 2000 works at best when you use new hard drive or new formatted hard drive. If you try to just upgrde from NT to Win 2000, there will be registry conflicts, crash time to time. I recommend you to reformat your hard disk & start clean installation of Window 2000.
  3. Exce26! Thank you, I just did that and works well. Once again thank you so much.
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    You are welcome
    You are a quick fixer
  5. Exce26! You seem knowledgeble in this area, so I'm going to ask you what I plan to do later, maybe you can help me and save me some time. I installed windows 2000 so I can put a second monitor on the computer. SO here it goes, I have a toshiba, with the present video card built into the motherboard. Should I get a dual card, or a regular video card, since win 2000 can support both cards. And how difficult will it be to install all this.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help and your time.
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    Installing a video card is a piece of cake.
    Just follow the instruction manual
    If you can afford, having a dual monitor video card will work best.
  7. Exce26! What is the difference between the dual and the regular monitor cards? I was under impression that it works the same? And that win 2000 supports the regular card. If you could let me know of some of the differences that would be great, I reallly appreciate your help.

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  9. Re: one "dual" card vs two "single" cards.

    The biggest advantage with one "dual" card is that you only have one AGP slot in your computer, hence you'll benefit from having all graphics in the specialized graphics slot.

    I use a matrox millenium dual-head (two monitors on one AGP graphics card) under Win2000. Works great. Only limitation is that I have to run both monitors in identical resolution. This is apparently (according to Matrox) a limitation in Win2000 (not shared by Win98/ME btw).

  10. Hi. I don't have any agp slots, I will have to get a PCI card. Is the speed the same if you have 2 single cards or 1 dual card?

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