Windows 2000 Prof , with SP4...issues

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Digs, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Digs


    Windows 2000 Prof , with SP4

    Has SP4 had issue, I have had a strange things happen, since I updates with Service pack 4 (SP4).

    Has any one else had trouble with it ???
  2. What "strange" things?

    I've had SP4 installed for a quite a while now with no problems.
  3. chasmann


    I was hesitant to update as I had heard of problems but the whole thing went fine for me. I might add that I really see no improvement. Some had reported faster booting or shut down but I see no difference.
  4. Whamo


    I just did a clean install of Windows 2000 and loaded SP4, no issues so far.
  5. Digs



    This is the ODBC for MS access etc

    I have multipe versions of it on my pc. 2.5,2.6, 2.7

    How to remove the old versions, any idea.
  6. Have had it for six weeks - not one problem.