Windows 10 - Awful Performance and UX - spin spin spin...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by kmiklas, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. kmiklas


    Anyone else out there struggling mightily with W10?

    - Spinning dots: getting them way too much
    - Hard drive is constantly thrashed
    - Updates come frequently, randomly hanging everything
    - Everything is so damn slow

    It's very frustrating. I just can't take it anymore. I'm installing Ubuntu as we speak.
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  2. ZBZB


    It might be your pc. Works very well on a pc with Ssd.
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  3. jharmon


    It does sound like something is on the way out on your computer - usually a failing hard drive.
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  4. sprstpd


    Long time Windows fan here and Windows 10 is annoying enough that I'm going to make the move to Linux. It won't be a painless process, but I've reached a breaking point with Windows and how they treat their customers like babies. I believe Windows 10 has gotten worse over time as they force upgrades down your throat.
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  5. Quiet1


    W10 Pro allows you to delay/schedule updates properly doesn't it?
  6. kmiklas


    No it forces them.
  7. Quiet1


    Eventually yes but from the manual:

    "In Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise, you can choose to pause updates from being downloaded and installed. This option isn’t available in other versions of Windows 10, however, including Window 10 Home:

    1. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update . Under Update settings, select Advanced options.
    2. Turn on Pause updates. Note that, after a certain amount of time or after canceling a pause, you'll need to install the latest updates before you can pause updates again."
  8. I've recently started messing with W10 and have delayed "versions" for 150 days and updates for 30 days, the max allowed. Hopefully that will be enough time for them to figure out their messes, pull any borked update and fix it before it gets installed on my rig.

    Also, not a fan of the slow boot... 75 seconds. Have removed everything from startup that I can and have tried "tips to speed up W10 boot" from online. One seemed seemed simple enough but instead of speeding up the boot, prevented it entirely. Fortunately I had clone backups.

  9. R1234


    Generally I like Windows 10. I have it running on my powerful desktop.

    But there are still many memory glitches. For example sometimes I cannot close my ThinkOrSwim by clicking the red 'X'. I have to do ctrl+alt+delete and kill it through task manager. Same for IB TWS. Copy/paste across applications is still glitchy. Also permissions stink - everytime I need to open my OpenOffice spreadsheet I have to go through a convoluted procedure. Simply double clicking to open gives an error message 'the required operation requires elevation'. And finally my TradeStation 2000i is no longer usable. I have to open up my Windows7 laptop just for that.

    But I must say the random Excel crashes have vastly improved with the various OS updates.
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  10. Quiet1


    I only have windows 10 home running inside on Ubuntu sometimes. Don't use it daily. Startup is pretty fast on SSDs (sub 10sec I would guess).
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