Window Manager for multiple monitors

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  1. I have seen Window Manager such as Divvy, DellDisplayMger, DiplayFusion.
    They seem to split one full-screen into smaller segments, making windows assignment into them easier by shortcuts. So they do something similar to Windows snapping, but offer more split configurations and shortcuts instead of drag-and-snap.

    I have two vertical/portrait monitors and I usually open VS Code in one, but when I want to view multiple files in split screens (side-by-side) or when using Android Studio, I have to manually drag the right-edge to fill both screens. Often, when you minimize an app view, other edges get messed up and you end up dragging all edges to cover the screen, which is annoying.

    I wonder if someone can suggest a Window Manager software that can configure a window filling (spanning across) two screens instead of splitting windows within one screen.
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    I tried window manager for a different reason.

    When I lock the computer ( press Windows + L ), then unlock it say half an hour later,
    all the windows will be messed up / rearranged / reshuffled.
    Then I have to waste my time rearranging the windows.

    I believe this is one of the very few problems in the world where the problem cannot be fixed.
    I googled for a solution from the internet and there is simply no solution.
  3. I suggest you download Microsoft PowerToys and use its FancyZones. Tremendous productivity improvement for larger screen utilization.
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    Give this one a try, this might fix the issue:

    They have a free trial.

    I used to use it, not anymore, but it worked great for me.
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    Yes there is a solution.
    Install desktopOK

    You can save your icon settings.
    When they get mixed up, just use desktopOK to put the saved version back.
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    That will fix the icon position problem, not the windows position problem.

    Now, I am > 100% sure there is no solution to the windows reshuffling problem.
  7. The website doesn't seem to suggest it can set a window spanning two monitor screens.
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    I had a similar windows reshuffling problem for months. I tried most of the solutions suggested on the Internet, which were mostly related to updating the graphics driver. Finally, I found the solution. The problem was that Windows could not restore the positions on a monitor connected with a DisplayPort cable. I switched the using an HDMI cable and the problem disappeared.
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  10. Windows 10 allows a window and even sub-windows to span 2 or more monitor screens. I also have Nvidia Quadro View installed (it's part of the default install from Nvidia drivers).

    Maybe that's the case if you don't have "too many" windows displayed at one time.. (??) I have 3x screens in my charts display program/window. It has 6 sub-windows... which can also be displayed across more than one screen if desired.

    However I don't sleep, hibernate nor lock my computer... window placement is correct upon startup or reboot, however. If the problem is restoring window placements after sleep/hibernate/lock, then I'm just talking through my hat.
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