Win7 reformatting - like WinXP?

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  1. I need to reformat a Win7 machine but have not done that yet. I've reformatted WinXP a bunch of times -- is reformatting Win7 same/similar in your experience? Anything in particular I should be aware of?

    I know how to do a clean reformat (meaning I know to backup files, etc.) just wondering how Win7 compares to WinXP.

    Note - NOT a factory rollback; a full, clean reformat of the OS.
  2. Very Easy

    Helpful Link for installing and tweaking Win 7, helps with organizing "Libraries"

    Read first, and keep it simple... no need to use the registry cleaners etc... he recommends, but his configuration tips are good
  3. Very nice link, TY!
  4. W7 is MUCH easier than XP - the only issue is activation. Make sure you don't blow out your COA with too many formats.
  5. What is restriction there? I like to reformat 1 or 2x a year, never an issue with XP.
  6. Depends on what type of PC it is. If it's a home brew or uses the COA to register it may kick after four activations - even if it's on the same PC.

    If you have a Dell/HP/Lenovo/other that the key is encrypted into the bios you will be able to activate on that motherboard as many times as you want - assuming that it's the proper DVD you are using.
  7. Gotcha. It's a Dell desktop, so should be ok then. Also got Dell to send the Win7 disc out after telling them I will return it unless I get my disc.


    Nice that you have to beg for a Win7 disc now and it used to just be included in the box.
  8. Suggest you run Win7 upgrade advisor from Microsoft before you wipe the disc. It can be picky.
  9. Not doing an upgrade to Win7. Machine currently has Win7 on it. Just want to clean it up and start fresh. Once or twice a year I just like to wipe all my computers clean and start w/ a blank slate.

    Upgrade adviser still something to do?
  10. Upgrade adviser confirms your hardware is compatible with win7, if the system was originally supplied with win7 probably isn't necessary... [but a good tip from Mgookin]
    From the title of your post, the possibility existed you were updating an older system, i.e. XP>win7...
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