WIN2K SP4 Released

Discussion in 'Events' started by max401, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Available at MS website or "Windows Update" via your browser/start menu.

    ...and please wait until the market closes before applying, you'll have all weekend to address any issues. My install went without a hitch and have only heard of minor issues on networked systems.
  2. gnome


    Do you know if SP4 includes patch #811493?... One which slowed many user's systems and was uninstalled to restored normal operating speed? TIA
  3. That was an XP only issue, I believe.
  4. gnome


    Uh, no. I've been intentionally avoiding it in W2K updates. I haven't heard whether they fixed that patch, but it's still on the list.
  5. I know there was a problem with WIN2k and 811493 when using the "Suspend To Ram" power managment. I think the slowdown problem was not anywhere near as universal as with XP. My WIN2K systems had no problems with any of the service packs.
  6. chisel


    Yes, the patch is included in SP4. See:
  7. kernan


    So I am confused - is this a good thing or a bad thing? Have the problems with the patch been fixed?

  8. Apply the patch being sure to select the "Archive" function for the old files. If it slows down the machine, simply revert back to the original pre-SP4 configuration.
  9. SP4 definitely speeds up boot and shut down times.
  10. gnome


    Is this build the "final", final? That is, might MS release an updated build in 60 days or so with more fixes? Sort of like "SP4, revision #1", or will further updates be only via patches?? TIA
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