Win2000 w/AMD

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  1. I cannot get win2000 to install on one of my computers. It is an 850 Athalon. The peliminary installation will proceed normally until it tries to start for the first time and then I get a fatal system error indicating a hardware problem. Today I bought a new motherboard and tried it again and got the same #$&$& error. Both boards had a VIA chipset and Im wondering if that is the problem. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. it's not the VIA chipset. i'm running WIN2000 on a Gigabyte mainboard w/VIA KT133 chipset & Athlon 1200. i installed WIN2000 myself w/o any problems, runs great. must be some other hardware conflict.
  3. Try stripping the computer down to the bare minimum. Hard drive, CD ROM, video. Then do the install. If that works, then add the other devices.

    Also, ATA100/133 hard drive controllers may need their driver installed when Win2000 install starts. This normally is not an issue unless you are using an add on controller. However, you may need the driver with newer ATA133 onboard controllers. Check your motherboard software disk for a Win2000 hard drive controller driver.

    I hope this helps.

  4. Thanks faster. Ill scratch the chipset.


    thats pretty much what I did. Bare essentials. The new motherboard is a Soyo and it came with the cd but if you cant get the operating system running how does the cd do you any good?
  5. easyrider,

    When Windows2000 setup starts, there is an option to install additional drivers. I'm not certain that this is your problem.

    What model SOYO motherboard? What is the BIOS version that it is running? Flash the latest BIOS from their website. Try this first.

    If you indeed need the driver from the CD, you could always copy it to a floppy on another computer.

  6. I changed out every component on the darn thing and finally got it to install when I used a different cd rom. Go figure.
  7. I've seen incompatabilities between the newer hard drive controllers with newer hard drives and an older cdrom. Sometimes you can get the older cdrom to work if its is attached as the "primary drive" on its own controller. Glad you got it working.

  8. You probably have an irq conflict with you pci cards.

    Try this :

    Take out all your pci cards except the video card ( if you use an agp as your primary and have 2 cards then take out the secondary video card leave the AGP in) :
    Try to boot . If it does not boot then move the video card into another slot.
    If it then boots you need to put back in one pci card at a time and boot the system each time to find out what card is causing the trouble.