Win XP Pro - any good?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Roscoe, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. Do Not upgrade . Win 2000 is a better Operating System .
    Xp is still buggy and will lock up on you more .
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  2. I run both platforms. Have been for a little while now. Since adding in all the patches and service packs for both these NT based platforms, they both run very well. As stated earlier, if you have no problems with your current 2000, sit tight. Eventually you'll have to upgrade as MS will diminish support for the 2000 product. But that won't be for some time now. Enjoy your operations as they are! :)
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  3. gnome


    Is that we will all HAVE to upgrade to XP, or just accept that MSFT will no longer be doing fixes and support for W2K? They wouldn't be able to force us to get rid of W2K, would they? By then, we all might be able to live with W2K for a decade or more??
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  4. I'm running XP and from day one I had problems. However, I must mention that I upgraded from millennium-- which has to be the worst ever made; before that I had 98.

    Anyway, a few weeks back my entire system crashed, and I had to take the tower in for service-- thank goodness it was under warranty. They ended up putting a new mother board and modem in and reinstalled XP. The result is that this thing is so fast I could not ask for better. All the bugs I had with the drivers and start-up are gone. My wife has a T-1 line at work and I compared it with that and it is almost as fast. I have a dial-up ISP and I'm connecting at a consistent 50.6 and sometimes at 52. The bottom line is I love it. I agree with the graphics part form another post, you might want to reconfigure that; but it only takes a minute, and you can set it up with the standard layout.

    I can't speak for W2000, but I don't see how it could get any better than this.
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  5. You won't HAVE to upgrade so-to-speak, but MSFT will provide no support and no fixes. Try as they might, they will not be able to pry our fingers off our beloved finally working setups. But they will make it so you'll need to find a dinotech (a computer veteran with the books, patches, bug fixes and unwritten knowledge all stored away), or an OS graveyard site, to assist you. :)
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  6. gnome


    1. If you did OS "upgrades", it's no wonder you've had problems. Someone should have informed you to do a fresh install on the new OS.
    2. As for W2K, my trader runs on it. Smooth as a gravy sandwich, no glitches. Dial-up connects at 50.6 - 53.2.
    3. I also have XP on another machine. It too works slick with no problems.

    I got a copy of W2K with the intention of using it for my trader for the rest of my career. Don't need the bells and whistles of XP and won't be annoyed by MSFT's progression to "licensed use" to replace ownership of the OS.
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    I figure that by the time they get through SP5 or SP6, then claim "no further support", W2K will have nearly all the bugs wrung out of it. That should be good enough for us old timers until we get Ahlsburgers and have to hang 'em up anyway. :D
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