"win spread" tactic by FX pure agent

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    Author of this e-mail have some questions.Excuse the author ,if questions are not relevant.

    Which of experienced operator used "win spread" tactic
    by FX pure agent as IB or Hotspotfx ?

    How great is day result ?

    Author tested with depth of the market real quote
    paper game by eur/usd futures on CME .With high -very high
    risk /as catching from unexpected volatility/ result can be
    more as 100 % per day for small operator .

    Dynamic of spot and futures market is different.
    Is this kind of result with "win spread tactic" possible
    in spot market ?
    Would SL filled in time of unexpected volatility for small operatior in spot market ?
    /In futures very possibly not .../

    Author would very pleased for answer.