Win a Maserti if you can trade contest

Discussion in 'Trading' started by nitro, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. nitro


    "We'll spot you a cool million in Squawk Bucks to invest over 8 weeks beginning April 4th. You buy, sell or hold the stocks of your choice. You can even add bonus dollars to your portfolio by watching CNBC Squawk Box every morning between 8:30 and 9am ET, and correctly answering our daily Bonus Bucks question.

    On May 26th, game over. Richest player wins–and drives off in a very
    sweet 400HP, limited production 2006 Maserati GranSport. We'll
    even pay the taxes (see rules for details).

    Top 25 also-rans get cool tech toys just because we're
    nice. in?"

  2. I think its 600 hp. Bet I could get a date driving that puppy!
  4. Banjo


    So it's long only, entry/exit price pegged at daily close, cash account, with a max 25 trades per week. More of a bored housewives game than a traders game. Not to mention it may be difficult to find nice long plays April 4 forward.
  5. Exactly. The caption SAYS "buy, sell, or hold"....but then the rules indicate no "short selling".
    This is bogus.
    I think Ben Bernacke is sponsoring this contest to help keep the market from getting skittish with the next round of rate increases.
  6. most excellent car!

    :D :D :D

  7. gimp570


    SO can you buy 1 million dollars of one stock?
  8. My maserati does 185......can't wait for my first drive. :D
  9. cool. they are an incredible car that got a bad rap due to quality issues in the 80's. these problems have been totally solved, the cars are reliable and wicked quick. i have driven several of the new models--- unbelievable performance with that heavenly sounding itailian engine.....

  10. Bush league! Gimme an Audi Diesel any time.
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