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  1. hi everyone. when i point the mouse at a a minimized window or other items like shortcuts on the tool bar i get a little help window telling me what it if i point at the minimize button,it tells me "minimize". is there a way i can disable this?
    thanx for any help!! appreciate it.:D :confused:
  2. Those are tool tip popups. There's a registry parameter that controls them I believe - never actually wanted to ever turn them off, so I didn't investigate deeply.

    Find a copy of the W98 Resource Kit - one of the tools there (maybe the TweakUI program) will give you a quick and convenient way of switching it off. Otherwise, you might have to search the registry for the appropriate key.

    BTW - why are you still using Windows 98 these days?
  3. I Don`t know how is it in Win98 / Me, but in 2000/XP this feautere is really regulated in registry:

    to do:

    1. Click Start -> Run -> regedit
    2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
    3. double-click "UserPreferencesMask"
    4. change numbers according to these:

    8 should be changed to 0
    9 to 1
    a to 2
    b to 3
    c to 4
    d to 5
    e to 6

    original: 9e 3e 07 80
    modified: 1e 3e 07 80). ÎÊ
    7.log off and re-logon Windows
  4. in win98 it should be somewhere in:

  5. Why? So much trouble for something that is so insignificant?
  6. maxpi


    Why did you go to the trouble to post on something so insignificant?:confused:

    I really, really recommend dumping Win98 for XP, way more stable, way more user friendly, much more happiness available.