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    An acquantance has a problem. He has a 4 core Intel machine with lots of RAM. He was running Win 7 and driving 4 monitors using an Nvidia Quadro NVS 450 with no problem. He allowed his machine to update to Win 7 SP1. Now no matter what he does he can only get his system to recognize 3 monitors. He has downloaded the latest driver from Nvidia. Installed\Reinstalled etc. He can connect any combination of monitors to any combination of the 450 ports. But only three monitors show up in the Nvidia Control Panel or the Windows Control Panel no matter what.

    Anyone have Win SP1 and a NVS 450 with four monitors running? Did you do anything special?
  2. Sounds like SP1 might have hosed him all right. Microsoft/Nvidia will probably get around to fixing that at some time, but might not be soon. Suggest adding an additional NVS 295 so he can at least get his 4 monitor display back again.... hopefully.
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    1) He uses the 4th for news so it is not essential.
    2) I'll post in the Nvidia site.

    Thanks guys (I assume you are guys).

  4. I experienced a similar (maybe the same) issue when I installed (2) two, Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 cards on my Win 7 Pro SP1 (64 bit) box.

    When I opened the screen resolution window I could not enable the 4th monitor. Kind-of, the desired (selected) monitor would work BUT a previous working monitor would STOP working.

    Like a shell game :mad:

    I'm using Driver #: with no issues. I believe the "latest driver" may be the issue or, your monitor driver.

    I suggest you (in order):
    (1) Connect all the monitors you want to display
    (2) Make sure you have the appropriate monitor drivers installed first, not the generic Windows choice of driver ... but the one that came with the monitor software/disk (or go online and get it)
    (3) Then download the Nvidia Driver.

    I always have the problem of, it works now, What the hell did I just do?

    A final note:
    My (4) monitors are the same make & model
  5. I hope this OP gets their problems fixed. Unfortunately we all know how much those issues can suck.

    Why do people do updates? If you change something under the hood of your car every day, it will stop working for sure.

    Plus all the updaters hog your resources and bandwidth.
  6. I agree. I have multiple computers. I used to run Windows update and Norton on all of them. They turned out to be really wasting time. Windows update just downloaded updates about every couple of days. (And I bet 99.9% of the updates really didn't concern me.) Running Norton is worse, every time I rebooted the computer it took over 5 minutes (instead of about 1 to 2 minutes). And Norton interfered with the app start up.

    I don't do that any more. I just maintain the discipline/policy not to use those trading computers for anything else. And have an older "crash and burn" desktop for downloading anything.
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    His problem has been solved. When he was troubleshooting he would reboot and type in his Windows login password as soon as the password box appeared. By good fortune he rebooted and was called away for 10 minutes or so. So the machine had a chance to do "something" in the background before he logged in. Everything now works. Another Windows feature obviously. Thanks to those of you who had suggestions.

  8. Not sure about that driver number. Nvidia's current driver is 267.66. That number might be the last 5 digits of the series from the driver number you quoted... ?? Which would make your driver, 267.17.

    Note: If you're using an NVS card, there generally is little/no benefit to doing a driver upgrade unless Nvidia says it adds function, improves speed or patches a security flaw. Most of their updates are to add new hardware and gaming card/function improvements to their universal driver.

    If your display is working properly, just keep the driver you're using. Sometimes upgrading drivers causes problems with your system... which are later (sometimes months later) fixed.

    Though the current driver is 267.xx, I'm still using 190.xx.
  9. I don't know how to post screen shots and stuff like that, but I got this number from my Win 7 Device Manager window.

    You're right Scat, in common tongue it is a 267.17 I think the reason I chose this driver was the 64 bit version of Win Pro I'm running.

    I posted a link below that shows a (crude) visual, of the compatibility with different Nvidia drivers and different Op Systems*?q=
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