Win 7, betya didnt know this

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  1. Some of you might , but my guess is not many

    Win 7 has a great built in ZOOM function.

    WinKey +/-

    Try it , you'll be able to see all your losers 10X normal size
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    funny enough post

    but here is how I use windows zoom

    if I am leaving computer to sit on couch and watch TV, I zoom in on price I want and I can see it from 5 m away
  3. Vista does too. windows key-u.

    There's also a high-contrast mode which gives your computer a cool 80's movie computer look.
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    I have to say very happy with Windows 7 Pro. I was able to get Ninja Trader 6.5 to work on it, and will try Ninja 7.0 in future.

    I was able to get it to print through the network to a printer attached to a Windows XP computer through USB by downloading the Windows 7 drivers for that printer. Note, I have found that Vista does not print through a Windows XP computer, and the only way to get Vista to work, is have the printer directly connected to a network.

    I have to say I like Cannon since they do have Windows 7 drivers for their multifunction laser printer/fax/copy/scanners.

    The speed is amazing. I would advise anyone who is trading to get the Windows 7 pro. Also, if you are getting a laptop like I did myself, the main thing I would advise is make sure you get either ATI or Nvidia at least 512 dedicated video memory, I am using ATI and a quad core. Also, Bluetooth is good if you want to connect some items wirelessly.

    My specs:

    Dell Studio 15 laptop
    DVD burner
    Intel Core i3 2.1 Ghz
    4 GB DDR3 memory
    Win 7 pro
    ATI 512 MB Radeon HD 4570
    Dell Bluetooth
    Intel N wireless network card
    320 GB HD