Win 7 64 bit first impressions

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by just21, Oct 21, 2009.

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    Came a day early in the UK because of postal strike tomorrow. Very easy new install from vista 32 bit after I found out how to change the bios to boot off the dvd, remember to format the disc by clicking on drive options (advanced) or you will end up with a dual boot system. TWS keeps asking for javaw.exe when it is run, hopefully it will remember this now. Ninjatrader 6.5 works as normal. Managed to lock up doing a windows update while running TWS, ninjatrader, chrome and streaming music. Otherwise very similar to vista which I never had a problem with.
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    Thanks for the good news.. I'm holding off on all upgrades until I hear what Leo Laporte says.. I'm not messing with any more 32 bit stuff, no reason for that. I'm not upgrading anything here either, I'll just get new hardware with Win7 on it... it's overdue here..

    I want one stripped down setup for the trading machine and one full service one for the surfing machine... Is Win7 modular that you noticed?
  3. rwk


    I was wondering if there are any negatives to going 64-bit?
  4. Usually only drivers for your peripherals... and some utilities you like which don't have 64-bit version.

    Any 32-bit apps you run across will use a "32-bit emulator" built into the 64-bit OS and will run just fine.
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    I came back from dinner and the PC had locked up even thought the power settings were meant to turn the screens off after 20 minutes. It is making vista look very stable. i never had any problems with vista.
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    Thanks for the feedback. My development machine just turned 8, and that's ancient in computer years. I would like to replace it, and I want something that will last like the current one did. I skipped Vista because of all the bad things I heard, and I am seriously considering skipping Win7 too. I agree with Dvorak that the registry is a POS (,2817,2351198,00.asp). I am thinking of going with WinXP 64-bit. Comments?
  7. We do IT work for a number of clients... and we always have found it best to wait until at least 4 months AFTER the 1st service pack repair has come out for a new windows operating system before you even think about buying and installing it...

    Microsoft always uses the period up to the first service pack (after bringing out a new software system) as advanced beta testing period! ... as in you are helping them to continue to debug their OS even though it has supposedly already gone thru alpha and beta testing protocols...

    Soooo unless you are forced for some reason (specific software?) to upgrade one might consider waiting a wee bit... :)
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    Win 7 is Vista re-branded - same female with a flat surf board body but now reloaded with em lucious curves:p
  9. Ya and probably not marriage material.

    Hey, you know what they say about drums - if it survives through the first couple of beatings it's yours for life.

  10. I spend time on the board that created TinyXP and some winxp 64 variants. I'm afraid that even eXPerience has become a Win 7 fan.

    The upgrade process for any windows isn't tricky. You save all your data files, format the disk, repartition as required and clean install. Anything else is less than what it deserves. So Dvorak's rave is wasted really - xp64 has a registry too.
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