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    I am contemplating doing a new install using my Win 2000 cd. I think I have version 1. Why? Well I have the cd and don’t have win7…yet. Anyway, I noticed my computer is running slow, getting an error every once in a while.
    I tried this a year or two ago and wasn’t able to update to version4. Anyone have any experience with this?
    Any thoughts?
    I did have a hd with win2k with update imaged but the hd failed. Used Acronis. Probably if successful will do it again.


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    I think I found what I was looking for. I am having issues updating to sp4 along with all the official hotfixes since ms is not supporting win 2k.
    I’ll try using this site for the fixes. I’ll update this post when I can.

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    Yea I thought of that. Win2K is not part of the upgrade so I would need to buy a full version which is a lot more than the upgrade. Also I was waiting till I get a new computer.
    Still thanks for the suggestion.

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    What a major PITA! I got it going but..... Yea maybe its time to upgrade

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    I am still using Win2K on my trading PC and internet surfing PC. When Win2K no longer can get the job done, I hope to use Linux. Linux is now OK for my surfing PC but is not now adequately supported by brokers, charting, and tax preparation software for my trading PC. My trading PC has 12 monitors and will be a large $ outlay for a hardware upgrade to be able to run Win7 or later.
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  7. Win 2k? Are you serious? On a trading box? That is 11 years old. Open your wallet and pull out some money and get yourself a modern multi-core system with Win 7 x64 and lots of ram. It's cheap these days.
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    I think he's doing this for nostalgia reasons...
  9. Good point. Heard a few years ago about someone that still has (had) a Win95 box running in mom's basement. Those were the days.
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