Win 2000pro or XPpro ???

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    Gettin a new Dell 4400 or 8200 (not decided yet). I run Realtick for trading. I'm wondering which OS to get Win2k or XP ? Anyone have suggestions or good/bad experiences ?
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    If you have a choice between Windows2000 and XP, choose Windows2000. Customers using Windows2000 report less performance problems than those using XP Home or Professional version. W2K is definitely more reliable than XP. If you have multiple monitors, are an active trader, run a firewall on your computer or need to minimize your down time, W2K will give you less problems.

    I generally stay away from any operating system until it has matured (i.e. it has made it beyond the second service pack). It is also a good idea to check out Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility List to make sure any devices you install work with your OS.

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    I'll check into it...
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    I use WinXP Pro at home and I have to say that it is very reliable. Before this I used Win2K at home and additionally I use Win2K
    at work and have been so for over 2 years. Infact I would go so
    far to say that I have found that
    WinXP is more reliable than Win2K. However before you
    commit to going for WinXP make sure that the software and
    drivers/hardware you want to run will work under XP. This is one
    of the main quirks I found with XP.

    In terms of cost they cost about the same. I am planning
    to buy a new dell laptop in a few months and I will definitely
    get it with XP Pro.

    Hope this email helps. If you need any more info please ask.


  5. Yes both OSes are reliable but the point above by Splat is key. With a Dell machine all the stuff they provide with the purchase *should* be configured to work with the OS. If you will be adding video card(s) or any other equipment, make sure it has working drivers available for the OS you choose.