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  1. What I like most about Win2000Pro:

    1. More stable
    2. More secure
    3. When I drag something to the recycle bin it doesn't ask "Are you sure?"
  2. My computer with win2k has not crashed or locked up on me yet in the 3 months I've been using it.

    My computer with win98 is continually giving me grief.
  3. vinigar


    I have windows 2000 pro also and I couldn't be happier...I hear tell that windows xp is a dog and that Microsoft has all kinds of apron strings attached to it...registration and calling them each time you make a change to your computer...all in the name of 2000pro is the way to go...I hope not to many people get caught up in the xp scam:)
  4. gordo


    Actually, it seems like my new computer that I got this year with Win2000 crashes and locks up alot more than my old one with Win95. My brother has the same problem. Both got the same system within 6mos. of eachother.
  5. coops


    Dual installed Win2000 after getting fed up with WinME getting progressively worse. Win2000 is much better -

    Gordo - make sure you check the Windows Update for critical patches etc (if you haven't already). I t really should be very stable :)
  6. This was a feeble attempt at humour. I messed it up all the way around.:(
  7. vinigar


    It was a good attempt at humor...I also prompted me to say what I is kind of nice not to be asked " are you sure you want to do this?" Like you were some kind of kid or something:D :D :D :D :D
  8. Magna

    Magna Administrator


    This was a feeble attempt at humour.

    I was wondering what the point of this poll was about?! :)
  9. Grabbit


    I still have W98SE. Am considering W2K. Especially Quotetracker crashes easily when doing anything unusual, like closing a lot of charts at a time.

    My question: what is best (from the point of view of stability): buy an upgrade from W98 to W2K or buy it complete?
  10. Use search: win2000. There have been several threads on this subject.:)
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