Win $100,000 in the Interactive Brokers Programming Competition

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  1. Found this on facebook

    Interactive Brokers is looking for skilled *programmers* to enter their annual competition! In the IB Collegiate Trading Olympiad, you will create and implement a real-time program trading application and attempt to generate the largest profit. By entering this competition, you could win up to $100,000 in prizes and also be considered for potential jobs in the finance industry. The deadline to submit your program is December 31st so check out the website below ASAP!!

    Rules for the competition can be found HERE
  2. Watch out students, if your system is any good then IB get to keep it and trade it for themselves :eek:
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    Note that we get the same inaccurate comment every year. For starters, I highly doubt any of the strategies utilized would be scalable for a multi-billion dollar market making portfolio.

    What should be of note is that a number of participants in the challenge since the Olympiad's inception have been offered jobs and are currently working at IBG.
  4. Daal


    making how much
  5. jtnet


    i placed last year, but they wouldnt pay up, said i did too many manual trades, which is bollocks, i used a third party program to enter and exit the trades not their excel api.
  6. DerekD


    Wait, are you saying that you DIDN'T follow the rules?
  7. cd23


    What he is saying is that the rules last year were so trite that anyone trading for real had to do a workaround.
  8. Pekelo


    Last year the competition was so weak, if your program made money (any money) you were in the top 20....
  9. Perhaps IB expect this. IB fade all the student trades in a real account to raise the prize money :p and perhaps even make a profit from the competition.
  10. GTC


    How many manual trades (%) are considered as "too many" for a contestant to be disqualified?
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