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    It's clearly advantageous to have it, and all of it you can get. So, how do you get more willpower? Seems obvious it can't be an act of will. Where does this motive force come from?
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    You have to be a little bit crazy ;)
  3. an active inferiority complex always helped me.
  4. discipline
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    I knew a guy that had a will of iron. He really did. One day he came to work in camoflage and threatened people with a knife so he wound up on medication. Now he is putty so there ya' go.
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    Interesting, how do you mean?
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    Still hoping for some other thoughts on this, and the answer "discipline".
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    I once saw a quote from Tony Robbins to the effect that the easiest way to quit smoking was to just not smoke! Same with weight loss. Much the same with trading losses. How many of us during the heat of fray ignore size restrictions or refuse to honor stops? In life it's not a game of "sometimes" good habits but always good habits. Those who are insecure, narcissistic, pliable are apt to stray.

    The paradox though is talent often means getting outside the box within parameters. Those with discipline don't leave the box at all and those creative enough to stretch boundaries often lack the perception of when too far out has been reached.
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  10. You gotta do a

    P R I M I T I V E.........F L I P

    Passion for the prize.

    Rightious justification

    Ideaology and ethic

    Methodically climbing and building.

    Inner strength.


    Insatiable desire.


    Encouragment from within

    Focus at all costs.

    Longer term view.

    Immmediate strength without help


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