Willpower - you can increase it

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  1. This seems applicable to trading as well as life ....

    You can build up willpower the same as you build muscles (OK, with fewer injuries and likely less sweat).


    Try brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand. Not as easy as it seems. Be sure to brush after with your dominant hand to make sure you don't end up with more willpower which you need to sit through those root canals.....
  2. good post

    definitely easier said than done though
  3. That is why is called Willpower
  4. The brain has a limited capacity for self-regulation, so exerting willpower in one area often leads to backsliding in others.

    This I didn't know. I quit drinking and several years later I tried to quit smoking and the urge to drink came back. I suppose I only had enough will power for one. I told this to the Doc and he didn't quite understand the connection.

    Now armed with new information this may make it easier to approach different tasks that do require will power.
  5. lol nutmeg.

    I suspect the linkage is psychological and based on conditioned responses not because the brain does tire on will power tasks. The tiring effect is very short term (minutes and seconds not years).

    I suppose if you still had the urge then you might have worn yourself out on the other.
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    I believe" will power" is a red herring. You will always do that which you most desire to do. Modify your desires and goals and forget "will power".
    Years ago I injured my left wrist but was an avid golfer. I merely switched sides and continued playing. Switched back after the wrist recovered.
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    I tried brushing my teef with the other hand today and it sorta looked like Michael Fox. No offence to Michael. :D