willing to trade good idea for .efs file

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Gordon Gekko, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. i'm looking for someone with good programming skills for making esignal formulas. i'll trade you my good idea for a .efs file.

    i already figured out how to do all the calculations. i also have it written out in plain english. i just can't translate the english to javascript for esignal.

    let me know when you're ready to take your trading to THE NEXT LEVEL.
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  3. You should try and do it yourself.

    I use TS6 and I really struggle with the "Not-so-Easy-Language." However, by not hiring someone to do the programing for me I'm developing a skill that I'll hopefully continue to draw upon and I'm becoming more intimate with my systems. Get those thoughts out of your head - not THAT intimate...

    I was surprised when I first started programming to discover that some of my assumptions about stock behaviour weren't necessarily correct. If I'd hired someone to do the work for me I'd be out several $100 and be stuck with a system that has negative expectancy. I suspect you'll find the development process to be more valuable than the original ideas.

    Best of luck.
  4. well, you are right. i do want to learn how to program and this would be a good way for me to learn. it's hard when you get stuck on something though. i understand what i want to do, and i understand how programming works, but i'm not familiar with all the syntax that esignal uses. i know they have a list of all their commands, but it's still hard.
  5. Gordon,

    I got stuck on how to program a T3 running average in Visual Basic. It is a real bitch until you get that Ah-ha! experience.

    I'm sure if you contact Esignal, they can help you out. There is also a bulletin board on Yahoo that is very helpful for .efs creation. You should check them out.

    I am having some problems myself with the .efs creation.
  6. for example, what the f$%# does this mean??

    if (getBarState() == BARSTATE_NEWBAR)

    this might as well be in japanese. (i'm not japanese)
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    Allowing the use of a list of constant values defined through a mnemonic - a symbol that is descriptive - rather than requiring the use of the value itself makes programming easier and code more readable and allows a compiler or interpreter to substitute the actual values. The descriptive constant names and values are defined in a file somewhere ...

    If you can find out which file(s) contains all these definitions then you should be able to make some progress. Some implementaions will have just the name and value e.g.
    more useful ones will have a defintion as well e.g.
    TRANSACTION_STATE = 3; // Aborted Tranasaction
    A really well thought out implementation will require no definition e.g. ABORTED_TRANSACTION = 3; COMPLETED_TRANSACTION = 2; etc

    The vendors implementation may or may not publish source code for this and the information and definitions may be in a help file - or may not. Ask the vendor where these things are defined ....

    After a while you can guess at the meaning of the constants:
    BARSTATE_NEWBAR might mean that some type of user interface control "bar" object was created but perhaps not initialized - that is it is empty or still needs data for its appearance and behaviour etc. .... which is why the code is checking for this value ... Just a guess since I dont code this vendors product ..

    The vendor should have a help file with examples that descibe the steps necessary to get a "bar" object initialized and ready to be used.