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    Matt Zapp

    I live in the Tampa Bay/Clearwater area of Florida. I am looking for one on one training from a experienced successful trader in this area. I have a specific interest in futures trading. I will gladly pay an hourly fee for such training. Thank you.
  2. Stand back....
  3. Surdo


    If you fly me to Tampa, pay for my meals and lodging, and one escort a day, I will train you for free.

    I trade ES, NQ, ZB, CL, and Fx futures profitably.
  4. you want to learn how to trade, watch the market for seven to ten years, then start trading, best advise you'll ever get !
  5. Successful traders won't respond to you.

    only losers or paper traders or snake oil salesmen or perverts offer to train you.
  6. He only says that because he is a loser and doesn't want anyone else to succeed either; as the saying goes, "misery loves company". BPtrader is proof.
    If someone does respond to you, ask for real results, and yes there are people on ET who can and might help.

  7. While not impossible, it's very unlikely you'll find anyone worthwhile.

    Successful traders aren't interested in giving up their edge. Unsucessful traders will take your money but won't teach you anything other than don't pay people for trading tutoring.

    Trading's hard. You're pretty much going to have to figure it out yourself (the get punched in the face alot method) or you're going to have to whore yourself out to someone who's got a vested interested in you doing well (via the sizable cut of your first few years of profits they're going to demand.)
  8. Bptrader is very wrong

    in the uk there are a number of very successful locals both ex pit and ex firms who mentor and teach
    myself and a colleague included
    we have had trading alongside us and backed a number of independent traders for many years
    of course we make some money from transactions and tutorial
    knowledge doesnt come free
    one of the best lessons i teaqch in minute one is of course to beware snake oil salesman
    if i had the "great sure fire system" i sure as hell wouldnt sell it to anyone
    we only ever buy or back systems where the seller is prepared to participate in risk capital and p/l splits
    that almost immediately sorts out most of the snake oil merchants
    many advertised trading academies and schools are selling a dream and the "get rich quick" method
    but it doesnt take much intelligence and common sense to work that and them out
    ask a few searching questions use common sense and remember
    there is NO FREE LUNCH
    and you should find someone
  9. haha, your post already exposes you as a loser! :D

    As you admitted, you "sure as hell wouldnt sell" a "great sure fire system," so what is left is some lousy shitty losing systems you peddle to newbies. :D

    that makes you a loser AND a snake oil saleman. :D
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    Trading is not like playing the violin and decent traders are not going to mentor you on hourly schedule unless of course they suck at trading.

    After 29 years of this, I find trading to be a lonesome endeavor. I mentor a few traders for FREE. Several months of intense study/backtesting, do extremely well on simulated, then real time. The last I took was Pastalady. And I know of several other good traders that mentor for free.

    Most good traders are not going to want to teach for a couple bucks for an hour. So you going to throw away your bucks for nada.
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