Willie Nelson and Mary Jane , Back together again

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  1. Cops got nothing to do. Why not make them shovel old ladies' driveways for snow.
  2. Willie is a stand up guy. He didn't put the blame on anyone else. It would of been easy for him to have some one on his bus to take the blame.
  3. I feel so much safer now that Willie's been apprehended!

    Remember when jail was a place where only <b>criminals</b> were taken? 500,000 political prisoners and counting... YOU could be next.
  4. jem


    As a nation we have to start making correct financial decisions. How can we afford to spend cop time, jail time, court time enforcing pot laws.

    Let save a few billion and stop this stupidity.
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    They are run by the Border Patrol. They bring all traffic to a halt. You pull up and they ask if you are an American citizen, where you have been and where you are going. It's dumb. Has a North Korean feel to it.
  7. BSAM


    Provides a lot of jobs.
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