william worthington fowler classic

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    no, i don't have it for sale. but i don't need to; i can download it, for free, online. and it's LEGAL.

    archive.org is a site which has been around for years and archives past web pages as well as publicly accessible (ie. no copyrights) audios and videos. and, long out-of-print books.

    which brings up william worthington fowler's two books from the 19th century, ten years in wall street and twenty years of inside life in wall street.

    i had heard about this, and before lefevre's reminiscences of a stock operator and wyckoff's books, this was THE stock book to own. published in 1881, i think. original copies of the book run several hundred dollars.

    anyhow, just posting this so others can get the book. it was "digitized by microsoft".
  2. SHhhhhhhhhhh!!
  3. I hope you mean for pleasure reading. I would not characterize THE stock book from 1881 as an providing any kind of "edge"
  4. Thanks for posting I was not aware of this site. :) I am a big believer in the classics. Little has changed since Wykcoff's day. Fear and greed rule. Supply and demand drive a capitalist system.