William Shatner earns $600m from Priceline adverts

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  1. Some would have thrown in the towel after the dot com bust, but not the enterprising captain Kirk, who stayed with his investments ..

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    "When he was hired by the company in 1997, Shatner agreed to take shares as part of his payment.

    At first it looked like a bad decision as the shares fell sharply during the dot-com bust and dipped as low as $1.80 in 2000.

    However, over the past decade Shatner's fortunes have turned around and the shares are now worth almost $300 each.

    While Priceline has not divulged how much Shatner is paid, reports from Wall Street have put his fortune at $600m, according to The Times."
  2. I think he's hilarious.
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    The negotiator!

    he is awesome. and priceline is awesome.

    brownies are awesome too...
    Why is this in economics thread?
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    The moral of the story: Why be a trader when you can be an actor? You've got a better chance of making it big in acting.
  5. Haha, that's great. He's hilarious. He didn't need the cash so it was a great gamble with the house's money.
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  7. Nobody wants to work. And these commentors have a high school kids perspective on it. "He's just sooo awesome". "You're just jealous"
  8. the actual; low looks like $8 (prob a rev split at some point), but still , a nice comeback for the Capt.