William Rennick says "the darkies are out of control"

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  1. Joe, the poll might not be as PC as this jackball would like but nobody likes a hall monitor. I vote to throw him off the island, but leave his daughter be. She is the best thing going on ET... The apple obviously fell far from the tree in her case:cool:

  2. Give it a rest with the crap on banning. 99.9% of the pricks at ET come across as saints, but behind closed doors would fck a chicken - in the ass.

    >>>> If I started a few kill whitey threads would that make it better? <<<<

    Whitey is being killed in real life SILENTLY - one escalating situation after another, now massive surges in Latinos totally out of control - some parts of LA they give you dirty looks because Spanish is the international language, THEY THINK.
  3. HEAR HEAR!!
  4. Last week some nice white guy was minding his own business swimming in the fast lane - and he did belong there. Two latinos just jumped in and blocked him without batting an eye - these cocksuckers were what they call loafers, abusing the fast lane, intending to convert it to a loafers lane.

    Multiply that by the millions ...

    The whole situation stinks to high Heaven.

    Some Latin bitch who's been in this country for 30 years and married to a whitey, wrote a note in the office, "can you pleze do me a fabor and keep the fawcit drie?"

    The country is going to the dogs fast, fast, fast.
  5. Rennick, I honestly gotta thank you, for you are the litmus test on where ET stands. We shall see in the morning.:)
  6. Yep, all the mud people are coming for you good white folk. My gawd man, it is that serious??
  7. Dump the 2008 kool aid and grab the 2012 pitchfork... time for a revolution.:mad:
  8. Lucrum


    No, but your buddy JDL did start just such a thread not long ago. WR isn't suggesting anyone kill "darkies" is he?
    I doubt it.
    Are you serious?

    Grow some more skin RCG, yours is way too thin.
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    The Rennick thread is extremely racist.
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