Willful Ignorance: The Chosen Mindset Of The Religious Community

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    This is the doctrine of willful ignorance. It causes such an unbalance of reality in the lives of religious believers that they’ve largely become a parody unto themselves. Willful ignorance not only sustains superstitious beliefs, but it is also responsible for why believers are so fiercely protective of their gods. The most detrimental result of willful ignorance, though, is that it causes most believers to resist that spark of skepticism that results in the journey down the path of enlightenment and remains one of the most injurious obstacles to the growth and evolution of our societies.

    Willful ignorance is an insult to the collective of human intelligence. Considering the vast amount of knowledge that is easily available, it is unconscionable that there remain living human beings who still believe in a young earth, creationism, the efficacy of prayer, the concept of original sin and the role that human sacrifice plays in its atonement, or any one of the literally hundreds of other aspects of religious dogma and doctrine that should have been abandoned half a century ago.


    The vast stores of knowledge that represent the evolving wisdom borne from the scientific mind is proof positive that religion is no longer relevant in a post-modern world. On a regular basis, the scientific community gives the religious many reasons to cease believing that “god did it.” On a regular basis, however, religious leaders feed their flocks with the willful ignorance of science denial.

    The faithful sit in their pews and listen to the spewage of myths and legends as fact. Meanwhile, the enlightened continue to facepalm as the willfully ignorant remain clueless as the overlapping of magisteria gets smaller and smaller every single day.

  2. And like all other liberals, you give Muslim's beheading a pass over and over because they side with your ideology to destroy Christianity.

    Nice attempt but you're just a cheap political hack with no morals.
  3. i have enough trouble getting people like you to think,even in america. i dont really care about islam. muslim countries are mostly third world and uneducated. they have an excuse for believing in superstition. whats your excuse?
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    How do you figure that oh great and all knowing "free from thinking"?
  5. There are no Muslims in America?
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    The title of your upcoming autobiography?
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