Will YOU Take a Mandatory Vaccination??

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Will you submit to a FORCED vaccination?

  1. Yes?

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  2. No?

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  3. Not Sure...

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  1. If Swine Flu goes viral and the Feds declare emergency powers, will you submit to a forced vaccination?
  2. F&*^ NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool:
  3. No, I'll get a doctors note.
  4. That ONLY works in "K through 12"......LOL! :D
  5. has the OBAMANATION begun already???:mad:
  6. no
  7. Mercury in the vaccines.

    Blood products contaminated with HIV

    Human flu samples mixed with Bird Flu.

    Just some reasons NOT to take a vaccination at gun point!!
  8. So what other options do you have to protect not only yourself but the ones you love?
  9. Swine Flu is a fraud.
  10. oil of oregano
    Magnesium Oxide
    Vitamin-D (5000 units a day).
    8 hours sleep
    low stress
    organic food

    Retreat to a farm or cottage outside heavily populated areas bearing guns and ammo :cool:
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