Will you pay 27 bucks to go see Jim Cramer speak on Weds?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Port1385, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Pay to see Cramer!!! What, he needs the money??
  2. some people trade, some people sell crap.

    either way, money is money.

    everybody should know by now that cramer is a snake oil salesman, thats not really debatable anymore.
  3. If I was going to pay to see some schizoid, then they would have to let Charlie Manson out of jail.

    Charlie's act is better and he never actually killed anybody himself.

    Kramer on the other has never directly killed anyone either, but has destroyed a LOT OF SAVINGS of those he followed his calls. And who is to say how many suicides resulted.
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    i'd rather pay $27 to see charlie gasparino.....ok, fuck that...i hate that dude....

    i'll pay $27 to go see margaret brennan at wal-mart...
  5. Goody789


    he'd have to pay me to go, and even then, no.
  6. Yeah, $27 would not do it...
  7. I could teach him how to make money trading (without inside info), but he'd have to pay me. A lot.

    But hell as long as he can sell bullshit to the clueless, he doesn't need to trade. I wouldn't walk across the street to kick him in the nuts...
  8. Why not? It's 27 bucks. To me that's nothing. There's a chance you could meet other traders there, or you could just have an enjoyable experience. Unless you absolutely can't stand the guy. It's not like you have to peel a c-note off your wad.
    I'm not going, I don't live nearby.
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