Will You Go To Hell? Find Out.......

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  1. Btw tell me those you decide to do and don't do in future
  2. Hell is yourself : when you don't live in accord with your conciousness ... it is not always easy since it depends on your capability and external constraints. What matters is not the result but the process, and if results don't come as expected at the end of your life, well it may be needed many other lifes :D.
  3. is that high :eek:
  4. What is that song in the background? It was popular for a while not too long ago ...
  5. That was a fun link

    Hell is right here on earth. People suffer atrocities, hunger, diseases, and etc... Maybe karma is punishing these people for things they did in previous lives....

    so be careful what you do in this life, you may find yourself living in hell in the next. That's the motto, I suppose.
  6. 173
  7. It means you're high, drunk, stoned, and having sex with the nearest farm animal while punching out the milkman.
  9. Congratulations reserving yourself luxeriest seat for trip to hell, Longshot, I belive you might be first and last one to make this score.

    I had "no" on most drug and drinks related one.
    These are my weak points to work on:

    Longshot, Do you want to share which part of the world
    your living?
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