Will you buy today's dip?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by crgarcia, Oct 24, 2007.

Will you buy today's dip?

  1. Yes, will buy

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  2. No, will short

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  3. Stay on cash

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  1. Will you buy today's dip?
    (Just before the close)

    Wed, Oct 24/07
  2. Short EUR and Long Yen;
    Building up New short positions on 5 and 10 years notes.
  3. did anyone notice that huge white candle?

    perfect double bottom formed today

    last chance to cover
  4. I'm sure some fed head will be out making comments soon.
  5. I say let the market sort things out, all these fed bums should keep their mouth shut.

    Let the market crash, thats how opportunities are created, geesh.
  6. See I bet some fed fag made some market soothing comments.
  7. The technicals were a screaming buy

    so much support in 13500 levels on dow

    no way it could go much lower

    News follows technicals
  8. Were below the 50 day 20 day MA.
  9. No will be better dip buying opportunities.

    That 2:20-2:35 100 point swing was all covering. Time to short more into session lows to the close and intensify selling in the final hour. Cover at 3:59.
  10. Good luck with that

    this was a full blown, high volume, double bottom beakout from the lower end of a trading range.
    #10     Oct 24, 2007