Will you buy timmay's hedge fund book?

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Will you buy Timmay's book ?

  1. Hell Yes ! I can't wait

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  2. Yes

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  3. No

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  4. Hell No ! I wouldn't pay a nickel for that crap

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  1. You must be confusing ET w the NY times. Sick Obsession ? Nice choice of words. Et is for enterteinment purposes only, and this is the most entertaining thread on here. Let me help timmay sell even more books:


    Yeah, read through this great review on how timmay the muscle-less nerd turns around the days he was picked on in high school, but HAS to band together w another jerk to bully their roommate.

    How many more books did I just help him sell ? lmao.
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  2. My pleasure nerd boy. Rather than dodge my questions, answer them please.

    1) Can you say on ET that you have not voted (under any other alias) more than once on this thread ?
    2) Can you say you have no other aliases on ET?

    You pride yourself on honesty. Please answer.
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  3. EPrado


    Once again...another fine and original response from Ass Clown.

    Admit defeat and the onslaught will come to a halt.
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  4. KS2007


    Actually...Prado. I think you are doing yourself a disservice by posting on here, in light of your feelings about TS. Before I read all of this stuff about Timmay...I hadn't even heard about the TV show or about the book. Therefore, I couldn't possibly have bought it. However, now that I've read all of this (and watched the show)...regardless of all of the negativity on ET...I'm going to buy the book. Probably more out of sheer morbid curiosity than anything else. I don't really have strong feelings about the kid one way or the other...I mean he does come off as quite cocky...but nonetheless...should be a good read.

    And I know your response will probably be to tell me that I am an imbecile...and that everyone else on here is getting a negative opinion and wont buy the book, and that I am the idiot who is the 'exception' to 'the rule'...but the fact remains the same: Before all of these threads...I hadn't heard of him...and because of them...Timmays got another sale.

    As cliched as it is...any publicity is good publicity.

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  5. EPrado


    Hey man,

    I am not gonna call you an idiot. Not at all. If you find his story interesting then by all means go buy it. To be serious for a second I have zero interest in Tim's book failing. At the end of the day it doesnt put any more money in my trading account or make my life any better if this guy's book is a total flop. Just as if he becomes the best selling author of all time, it doesnt do a thang for me. If these threads for some reason help him great.

    In all honesty his story does not interest me one bit. Probably because I have seen a lot of guys younger than me go through similar shit. So I wouldnt spend my money on it. To me reading books like market wizards I and II are much more interesting. If they come out with III and I buy it and find Sykes in there then I guess I will learn more about him. TO me he really is a flash in the pan. I dont need to read about that. He claims to have grown up...but the little I have seen of him recently on CNBC shows me he has a long way to go in the maturity department...among other areas.
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  6. When you say "other people who only have bits and pieces of the story" you're talking about people I know to be successful in the small/micro cap world and who have commented about what a douchebag you are. In practice and in person.

    Your supposed friends seem to think you're an idiot and were blabbing about your loss like it was a big joke.

    In the end, I'll take the word of successful people over that of a guy who's milking a lucky streak 5 years ago for publicity and fame now and who can't trade for shit so he has to write about how hard it is to pretend like you can.

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  7. The problem with this 'got my start with my bar mitzva money Market Wizard' is he is negative for the hedge fund industry and negative performance.

    First off, just because you charge a management fee and a incentive fee DOES NOT make you a hedge fund manager....your a pattern day trader with a fee structure, thats it friend. Since you lost 26% last year, and something like 9% year to date it will be sometime before you earn that illusory 20% override. Math says you need to earn 48.5% to reach the high water mark, before any fees kick in again. Calling yourself a hedge fund manager is a joke, where were your hedges?

    My take is the lawyers at the publisher got wind of your performance and decided to pass.

    In my experience, there aren't many one man hedge fund operations like there use to be in the 80's. Institutions look for a team of 3 or more people, trading, operations, compliance/risk.

    The SEC doesn't take kindly to Reg D offerors speaking about their performance publicly...other than shamelessly flogging your marketing book, why dont you learn to make money first...quietly.

    The late '90s are over, you cant buy 5000 shares of crap.com and wait for the next days open and make 25k.

    All you succeed in is giving hope to other morons who think they too can run other peoples money for fees whilst running it into the ground.
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  8. At the request of other higher ups in here, I had to tone down on my replies to you.... Actually, I had to edit that very own post. But, I am sure I am not hurting your feelings too much.
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  9. squall


    Well put
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  10. Ha ha. A third book did come out.... Stock Market Wizards.
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