Will you buy timmay's hedge fund book?

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Will you buy Timmay's book ?

  1. Hell Yes ! I can't wait

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  2. Yes

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  3. No

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  4. Hell No ! I wouldn't pay a nickel for that crap

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  1. Who's doing any advertising? I created the hedge fund book thread to correct the many lies being spread about me. GZ created this thread to try to prove that nobody's interested in what I have to say. He might be right, we'll see.

    I'll gladly pay for a site sponsorship when my book goes on sale, but its debut isn't UNTIL OCTOBER 1ST. Until then, I'm not selling anything, just trying to defend myself and my actions.
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  2. BTW, how did you get invited on to CNBC? How does that whole process work? Does somebody just call you and ask you to come on?
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  3. hey tim,

    best thing for you to do is wait for another speculative moment in the equity markets.

    the equity markets are still indecisive in terms of price action and they need confirming moves to the upside with some downside attempts to build up capitulative buying spikes on a longer term timeframe.

    till then don't blow the winnings, and go back to school and get a real job or live frugally off the interest on current cap if its possible.
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  4. EPrado


    These are the "good" excerpts ?????????????? I love how this dope needs his own space, but after making 1.6 mil or so he still has/had a roomate. He just moved up another notch on the asshole-o-meter.

    “My high school teammates loved my wins but were put off by my intensity. As a result I didn’t get captain; probably because they knew I’d work them as hard as I worked myself.”

    “I hated Tufts University from the start. The weather seemed colder than Connecticut. The girls were overwhelmingly unattractive.”

    “I was used to having my own space. Lots of it. I’d drawn a forced triple, which meant that I shared a room with two roommates instead of just one. The room was barely meant for two people, let alone three, so it was extremely tight and crowded. Early on, I banded together with one of my roommates whom I liked and we planned to irritate the third roommate into leaving. We toyed with him on a daily basis using such petty tricks as subscribing his email address to pornographic websites and spraying his sheets and pillows with Windex. After a few weeks, our operation succeeded and he moved out. My roommate and I celebrated our newfound space by throwing a party for the dorm.”

    “During pledge week, a brother called asking me to bring him two dozen eggs immediately. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring him the eggs because I was in the middle of a trade and told him so. Apparently, that was the wrong answer and I didn’t get in. I made $1,500 on the trade instead. My trading still came first and I was willing to sacrifice my social life for it.”

    “My roommate and I...began playing the game “How much did Tim make today?” After class, he’d walk into our dorm room and blurt out several guesses. I wouldn’t answer until his guess was within a few thousand dollars of the correct answer…Once he guessed correctly, I liked to launch into speeches, providing all the glorious details of my trades. While I lectured, he’d sometimes nod his head in agreement, but I never really knew how much he understood
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  5. All these quotes are from the EARLY part of the book. This is how the STORYLINE develops and it gets SHOCKING !!! The story takes a new turn.
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  6. EPrado


    I dont give a shit if it is in chapter 1 or chapter 50. Read the quotes. This kid is an egotistical prick. Yeah...he didnt get into the frat because of a trade. Righto. He most likely couldnt handle the pressure of pledging. I wish this kid pledged my frat when I was in college....would have been a trip watching him fold and bail out.

    The girls were too ugly at Tufts?????

    This kid looks like he comes of the Frankenstein Family Tree.
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  7. You're right, back then, I was an egotistical prick. I wrote the story true to form. You'll see how and why I get so cocky and what it all leads to.

    When you take something out of context (as many ET posters like to do), of course its gonna sound bad.

    This is why you don't judge an entire book by its cover or first chapter and why I didn't post these quotes.

    And I don't care what I look like or anybody else says--the girls at Tufts are naaaaasty
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  8. They may not be so naaaaasty compared to the chicks/goats EProdo bang. :D

    See, you are hurting his feelings !!!!
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  9. EPrado



    I am not gonna read your book. If you sell 10 million copies and become the biggest selling author of all time then congrats. You are right...all I saw was the first bunch of quotes. So I am basing my opinions on what I have read. If you miraculously end up coming across as a good guy I would have no problem saying I was wrong about you. But you have to understand....to a guy like me who has been trading since the day I left college (1991) and done nothing else, a lot of what I see about you is hard to like. I started before the bubble, saw some kids come in 1998 or so who couldnt trade out of a paper bag, make money, become unbelievably arrogant. Only to get absolutely destroyed and lose everything once 2002 came around. Some of them had to move back in with mommy and daddy.

    All I can base my opinion of you is what I see on TV and read about you. And so far everything I come across leads me to believe you are just like all of the punks I mentioned above. Maybe you should bitch out the producers of that tv show. Not too many of my trading buddies have seen WSW, but the ones who have always mention that scene at dinner. Thats what people know you as.
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  10. EPrado


    Again...nice comeback junior.

    Funny having some virgin talk about my sex life.
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