Will you buy timmay's hedge fund book?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by ghostzapper, Jun 29, 2007.

Will you buy Timmay's book ?

  1. Hell Yes ! I can't wait

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  2. Yes

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  3. No

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  4. Hell No ! I wouldn't pay a nickel for that crap

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  1. Wow, that is sooo harsh! :p (especially the "family members" comment ... damn man, you show'in this cat no mercy).

    LMAO, and he really is probably one of the nicest guys to ever set foot in this joint. :D
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  2. KCalhoun



    Overall I thought the book was pretty good, because it talked about his real trades (which 99% of the other books on the market don't, most are by vendors only, vs people who really traded)....

    I understand people are a bit t'd off because his fund didn't do well, but overall it seems there's some decent things to be learned from Tim... not sure why all the venom here towards the guy?

    I mean, anyone (including Parness) who is able to turn 10-50K into $1-2M (whether it was during the bubble or otherwise), deserves some props, right? I say that, because in comparison, most of the vendors out there don't document real trades, they just sell stuff; it's one thing that makes me trust someone more, to know at least they *did* have at least one successful run to 7 figures during their trading career... so there's likely some worthwhile stuff to be learned, at least the mindset of putting on trades and how they did it, and the technicals.

    Maybe I don't know the whole story, but it seems there's a ton of venom, and attacking here, towards a trader who did "make it" at least once in his career. Do you guys have *any* vendors you like? Just curious... :) I've always wondered why vendor-bashing is an art form here, lol...granted most of the stuff that other vendors sell probably deserves it, but there are a few gems here and there (including a lot of posts on the forum). It would probably help everyone to keep the tone of posts here more positive, vs all the toxic negative stuff that the anonymity of the 'net seems to bring out, the 'beast within' lol, from a lot of posters here.

    Well anyways I don't know the whole story, just seems to be a "hammer" falling without acknowledging positives. In meeting a lot of vendors at expos etc, I think some are bsers, but Tim's story in his book seems authentic, and helpful, from my limited knowledge, at first glance.

    It seems in all the years I've followed ET, for every positive "hey I learned a lot from ____" post, there's like 1,000 "this vendor sucks" post... kind of unbalanced I think... having been on both sides of it, I can relate, it's just curious why the negativity, so angry here, from many traders. It's ok to be upset at some, but there's some decent stuff to be learned from others.

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  3. All vendors are scum.

    No one sells a money making system. NO ONE.
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