Will you buy timmay's hedge fund book?

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Will you buy Timmay's book ?

  1. Hell Yes ! I can't wait

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  2. Yes

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  3. No

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  4. Hell No ! I wouldn't pay a nickel for that crap

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  1. Yes I will.

    Or it shows up somewhere for free online. Whichever comes first. Either way it will definitely be on my reading list.

    That golf ball game. He needs to explain that golf ball game. And the date with that cute blond at the sushi bar. As for busting mommy's chops? He doesn't need to explain himself on that one since we all can relate that at times too much love is annoying love.

    I am sure Mr. Sykes will contribute something positive to the trading community.

    As for ditching Wiley? Glad he did.
  2. NY_HOOD


    i see in an earlier post by this Tim guy,HE IS ASKED QUESTIONS BUT SAYS "IT WILL BE IN THE BOOK". if he wants credibility,he should answer any questions directed towards him and his trading. by constantly telling board members to wait for the book,he is coming across as a guy who just wants to sell books. thats fine,i don't blame him. that said,if it were I,I would answer the questions.
  3. yeah why not. even tho some may say he made money just because of his natural inclination to short sell, the guy thrived in both the dot-bubble and the dot-crash so he must have something peculiar that tells him apart from the masses.
  4. I'd love to answer all questions right now, but I'm still managing my tiny little fund so I can't disclose everything yet. I will answer whatever questions I'm able to.
  5. Timmay, you taking the Phil Spector defense route and only posting reviews you want ? How ridiculous. How bout the reviews that other members posted. you know, the not-so-flattering ones ?

  6. Considering she's only posted quotes from the FIRST CHAPTER and that she's admitted to only reading the FIRST CHAPTER, I don't consider that a review. Call me crazy.
  7. I thought advertisements of any kind are strictly prohibited unless you are a paying site sponsor. Guess not.
  8. ET must be hard up for eyeballs these days.
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