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Will you support the war if we get the oil?

  1. YES!!!

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  2. No, I am a loser hippie.

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  3. I am a foreigner, and US shouldnt use its power, ever.

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  1. Will you support the war if US government will bring the oil back from Iraq and Afganistan.

    I for one, am sick of this new collective society. In the old days if you conquer some other nation or land you get the spoils. Whatever it might be.

    Now, if you conquer some land the only thing you are doing is hurting your nation financially. I personally would like to pull the troops out of there and put them on the Mexican border. Unless, we start pumping the oil out of there we should not be spending so much (lifes and money).

    What do you think?

    Will you support the war if we would get their oil.
  2. You are a moderator, yet you start a chit chat political thread in the Psychology forum... what gives?
  3. Because I can moderate it.
    In some way it is dealt with psychology. Your psychology on the effects of oil prices due to the fiscal policies.

    Explains everything right. I'll change it, if I get too many complains.
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  5. "I for one, am sick of this new collective society. In the old days if you conquer some other nation or land you get the spoils. Whatever it might be."

    Would you feel the same way if you were born into a country with a much smaller army? How have you contributed to conquering? Maybe just the soldiers should get the spoils. They're the ones fighting, not us. Let me ask you--would you support much higher taxes to support the war effort? Would you support a draft to obtain said spoils?
  6. I have dissented against the war since Cheney opened his mouth about it in the summer of 02' and it was obvious we were going in...

    I will dissent against it until we either get pushed out or leave voluntarily and allow the Iraq's their God given right to govern themselves...

    Like any people they are capable of struggling on their own to form a free self government sooner or later through their own efforts at their own pace...

    The PSA agreements that our 'Govt' is trying to get the Iraqi parliament to pass... The Hydrocarbon Laws i think.. are an attempt to 'get the oil directly from Iraq in a very favorable way to US interests' as well as the plan of having permanent bases in Iraq allows us to have tremendous threat power in the region and thereby to have access to other oil in the area indirectly...

    The Iraq war is / was a very bad trade on every level... Humanitarian, Political, Financial, Militarily, Psychologically...

    Our involvement in it should be ended before we are forced to be stopped out as has almost every country that has ever had to fight an indigenous insurgency at a distance has learned the hard way...

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  7. Can't comment, I am NOT in that position.

    I support the troops, by sending needed supplies to them. Many organization do a drive thru where you can leave stuff for the troops. My college participates in such activity. By the way EVERYONE should support the troops regardless if you for the war or not.

    No, we do need them. Foreign gov. are supporting it with buying our T-Bills. We do not need the draft to obtain the spoils. Anyway we can use freelance work to obtain it. So, NO Draft.

    Let alone the fact that the poll is not objective by the way the questions are posed.

    If you don't agree with war you're either a loser hippie or a foreigner that's scared of the US's power.

    rateesquad: you are total retard.
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  10. Not to worry. Not much longer. Soon the US will be buried in a blizzard of IOUs... huddled together and whimpering, we'll cry, "we can't pay what we owe you".

    Shortly thereafter, the rest of the world (whose money was not held in $USD), will come in and scoop up American assets on the cheap. America will be owned by foreigners and we'll all be working for them at minimum wage.
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