Will you accept an implant under the skin ?

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  1. At the moment they only consider for dogs :

    "Detroit May Track its Dogs with Microchips

    DETROIT, Mich. ó A microchip implanted in dogs may be used to trace the identity of the canine and its owner under a plan being developed by Detroit Health Department officials.
    Dr. Angela Hines, a veterinarian with the Detroit Health Department, said the city is considering an ordinance that would make it mandatory to have dogs implanted with microchips. She added that St. Louis is already implanting dogs with microchips"

    What if they decided to make such a law for humans - under the pretext of controlling terrorism of course ?

    Knowing that there are now declassified official documents showing that the gov has project to control the human behavior :

    You should remark that a microchip on the dog already traces its owner but it is not only about tracing since it is also about sending sending electronic signals to eventually control the person (see the document above)
  2. "Let's see if we can control computers directly from our nervous system."

    Hahahaha : or the inverse ?

    People will never accept ... except if they use fears ... as for the guy above http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=23482

    So creating disorder and fear against the population so that they accept to become slaves is not fantasy idea anymore since the declassified documents show clearly that it is not only in their logic but that they have done so in act. If it is what is happening and unfortunately the concrete signs are here, then one must prepare to control one's fear or one will lose one's personality. It won't happen suddenly of course but within the 10 or 20 years perhaps in the future I'm not Nostradamus, it is just the extrapolated trend. If I can be wrong in 20 years I would be happy of course I would even be happy to die if it saves the world from that.
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    I think it is a wonderful idea to have a chip implanted. No more waiting in line at airports maybe? Medical care will be quickly and accurately administered? Scan your head and pay for your groceries? Your boss could scan your head and direct deposit your paycheck? ID checks at the bars could be quick? Many possibilities.

    However I think that the idea will be quickly exploited by unscrupulous people in government and organized crime.
    So on that note, I would not be interested.

  4. Ultimate identity theft - knock off a person and remove their chip and use it yourself :)

    As far as tracking people - maybe not down to the square foot at all times, but don't kid yourself if you think the Feds (don't mean the FBI - if you get my drift) can't track most people by a combination of ATM/credit card transactions, cell phones, etc.

    You could of course go stealth if you needed to, by carrying a lot of cash, not using your cell at all, not calling anyone remotely related to you, not doing anything that involved a computer and ID (like airline travel), etc.

    Same would probably be the case even with a chip implant, it could be neutralized or masked if you needed to drop out. To prevent that, there would have to be an enormous infrastructure built requiring the chips like making all payments electronic via the chip, all building access requiring a chip scan, etc. - unlikely.

    Anyway, it's highly doubtful the general public would go for any kind of implantable ID under any condition - if for nothing else, all the people that would jump up and declare it the "sign of the beast". :)