Will XMR become next BTC?

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Will XMR become next BTC?

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  1. Currently, Monero is the 10th largest coin by market capitalization. Crypto miners are attracted to Monero because it has emerged as the most profitable altcoin in the past few months.

    A research firm Satis Group, which forecasts the cryptocurrency market and the fate of individual cryptocurrencies, published a reporting stating that Monero could be worth $18,000 within the next five years. That represents a more than an 18,000% increase from its present value, which stands at just over $106.

    How do you think? Please vote for it.
  2. If you mean “worthless in a few years”, then yes
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  3. lols
  4. No it won't.
  5. fx$esm23


  6. Anyone think it will? lol
  7. Why not. If the BTC is over, there is a chance that XMR will take the initiative. Or ETH.
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    The biggest hurdle to overcome is lack of ads attracting easy money. During the hype, ad’s were everywhere on social media and in MSN. Without volume it will be hard pressed to see the same prices levels until another financial crisis occurs that shakes confidence in banking and the petro dollar. If it ever sees main st adoption, we’ll also see Fed coin and a host of other ‘sovereign ico’s.’
  9. ETH, you are joking right?
  10. maxinger


    As in the highs will get lower and lower,

    and the lows will get lower and lower

    and the price will drop from 5 digits to 4 digits to ....?
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