Will Windows 2000 Advanced server help?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by emk662, Oct 9, 2002.

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    I am running Tradestation on a double CPU Xeon 2.2, 1G memory computer. When I add more than 200 charts in the TradeStation, the system crashed. The tech guy said that Windows 2000 Professional, which I am using right now, has a limit of 200 objects;so, it is the operating system problem, not the TradeStation software problem, according to them.

    I am thinking about upgrading the operating system to Windows 2000 Advanced Server, but don't know if that will help.

    Your opinion will be greatly appreciated.
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    My IT Geek just upgraded to Windows 2000 Advanced Server product on Tuesday. We switched over from NT. The server farm appeared happy today.
  4. The server product is more robust (if there is such a thing) and should take care of your troubles. :)
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    Advanced Server is a very stable OS. However, I dont recall that the workstation had an object limitation - although it could be true. If Tradestation crashed then there is a big stability problem with the software: adding the 201th object should just result in an allocation failure which the software should handle gracefully and log to the system error log, as well as inform the user.

    If the OS crashed then I doubt that the problem was related to an OS limitation - something else may be going on. Of course Tradestation itself may have caused a fatal system error but in Windows 2000 this is much more difficult to achieve and would point to a more severe problem in the quality of the Tradestation software.
  6. Maybe too many thread from one process as TS, but the limit could be upgrade with the Registration Key usually.
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    How to expand the limit from registry?
  8. I think Advanced Server is better then regular server only in clustering functions and # of CPUs it will support. There is also a hack bouncing around the internet that will turn a Workstation version of the OS into Server. From what I hear, it actually works. It's the same kernal, MSFT just enables seperate features per version.
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    That's a bull. TS probably misbeheaves during high stress environment (200 charts). This happens to many applications with certain flawed design and implementation.

    Many programs are not well tested for high stress situation.

    The best possible solution to your problem is to have another box running Windows 2000 Professional to take off the load. The server differs mainly on how it can service connections from other computers, which is not in your case.

    The another solution may be adding more RAM and faster hardrive (higher RPM like 10000RPM) to reduce contention in high stress situation.
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