Will we see an exodus of traders into Futures ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by ElectricSavant, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Because of the recent change by the SEC about the use of bullets....will this be the final straw?

    The PDT rule chased a lot of under capitalized traders into the Futures market and they took their money.

    With the Eurex on the way to the US will that effect the Pit Traded Futures?

    The landscape seems to favor the E-minis.

    What do you think?

    Michael B.
  2. You probably already know what I always say, but basically: futures yes, but ES and NQ too difficult.

    The unprofitable traders / gamblers should have no problem switching to the eminis.

    But my impression is that there were lots of profitable NYSE traders who will either need a viable alternative to bullets or will have to find yet another trading vehicle. For many of these guys electronically traded instruments are the devil incarnate, and ES and NQ are the culmination of electronically traded products. If you can't make a profit trading NASDAQ stocks, why would you be able to trade the eminis?
  3. How about the QQQs?
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    Guys,ES/NSDQ for sure,but also eurex´s FDAX DAX Future is very profitable and high volatile with great volume contract.And ofcourse Big sized DJEUREXX
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    I would highly suggest playing Texas Hold em Poker before you touch futures. At least you can blame them on the cards then. I am sure there are successful futures traders, but there a lot more profitable poker players.

    Another words, play poker.. at least you will have a shot. They are both gambling.
  6. Oh yeah!

    Nothing like being RIGHT on the market, and stuck in a stock that can't get out of its own way . . .

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    I think that most firms are already finding alternatives, but I could be wrong. There is a nice lesson here...one that market/regulators give often but seems not to be learned much: Don't base your livelyhood on a loophole, it will always get closed.

  8. please......
  9. what a tremendous idea.....everyone trading the same thing....and hopefully the same way!
  10. This is the biggest culmination of opinionated projection I've read here for months, seriously.

    What do you mean with "ES and NQ too difficult"? :confused:

    More like "too difficult for you", maybe. I'd say not "difficult", just "different".

    I have hardly ever even traded NYSE, or experienced the difference between electronically and non-electronically traded markets. But if I had the choice, I'd probably go for the electronically traded ones. At least you don't deal with specialists and other freaks. You have an order-matching engine, there are buyers, there are sellers. If you are a decent trader, you can make money. Period.

    No doubt competitive markets like the ES & NQ are harder to trade than Naz stocks - I know stocks are very inefficient, I still occassionally trade MXIM and other semi's for relaxation, it is a piece of cake compared to trading the ES. But I never knew NYSE stocks should be so much easier than NASDAQ stocks, so perhaps I learnt the hard way. Well good then, it pays off now.

    I still think it's hell arrogant to say you can't make a profit trading NASDAQ stocks or eminis. That's basically spitting into the face of people who make a living from these markets, day in day out. I trade the ES every single day. I have been full-time trading for almost 2 years now, I live in a house on the beach and I drive a sports car. I have no debt. Come over and visit me if you like, I am the living proof that there are profitable ES traders out there. And I happen to know first-hand that you can average returns of several % on equity per day if you put the work in, trading either ES or NQ. What do you think where all the money goes that the "suckers" lose? Don't believe all the stuff that's written on ET. How many serious traders you think are around here? Those who are, usually get bashed and leave soon. No surprise, with attitudes like yours around.

    Everybody, get a grip on reality. If it's this or that, whatever "easy" niche there may be in the markets will soon be filled. There is no easy way, stocks or futures or whatever. You either train and work hard to be in the 3% who make it, or even harder to be in the 1% who make it really well, or you don't. Electronic, non-electronic, who cares. Soldier on or bite the dust.

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