will we get end of year Kwaanza rally ?

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    anyone think we get an end of year Kwaanza rally?

    Well, I'm from MS...and I imagine there will be a rally down there over Kwaanza.......but not a stock market kind of rally.
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    yo reaver,your my type of guy!
  4. From wikipedia:

    There has been criticism of Kwanzaa's authenticity and relevance, and of the motivations of its founder, Karenga.[23]

    Kwanzaa has been criticized because it is not a traditional holiday of African people, and because of its recent provenance, having been invented in 1966. In 1999, syndicated columnist (and later White House Press Secretary) Tony Snow wrote that "There is no part of Kwanzaa that is not fraudulent."[24] Other conservative writers have remarked on the Marxist leanings of Karenga[25] and some of the seven principles of Kwanzaa, questioning whether Kwanzaa should be taught in American schools.[26] Furthermore, some Christians see Kwanzaa as an organized attempt to detract from Christmas.[27].


    History and etymology
    In 1966 Karenga created Kwanzaa while living in California.[2] There, he was the leader of the black nationalist US Organization and he claims that his goal was to give an alternative holiday to Christmas. In Karenga's words "The Christian is our worse enemy. Quite as it's kept it was a Christian who enslaved us. Quiet as it's kept it's a Christian who burns us. Quiet as it's kept it's a Christian who beats us down on the street; and quiet as it's kept when the thing goes down it'll be a Christian that's shooting us down. You have to face the fact that if the Christian is doing all this there must be something wrong with Christanity."[3] He later stated, "...it was chosen to give a Black alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society."[4] At the time he created Kwanzaa, he changed his last name from Everett to the Gikuyu "Karenga", shaved his head, and began wearing traditional African clothing.[citation needed]

    Wonder how many people in America celebrating Kwaanza realize how totally against Christianity the holiday actually is. LOL

    According to wikipedia, 79.8% of Americans are Christians......I would venture to say there are quite a few Christians celebrating Kwaanza, without having any inkling whatsoever that it is a holiday specifically attacking Chrsitianty according to the founder himself.

    LOL I always found that to be pretty funny. People will do anything as long as it gives them an identity or looks cool and people tell them they should.

    P.S. The guy who invented it came out and said "Jesus was psychotic". LOL Wonder if his black nationolist shaman fetish told him that?
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    thats hilarious. i need to go do some pre=loaded sust! i am asking for Tren for kwaanza.
  6. watch out for those preloads, they used to look like knitting needles. lol

    We called em Lincoln Logs. LOLOLOL

    but hell it's worth it...

    aaahhh Tren...drool drool I hope santa's good to you this year! heh heh

  7. LOLOL yeah what can I say man. I'm highly opinionated.
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    Merry Christmas sweetheart.
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